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Dinner is Served.... by the FFA

Our FFA students treated Mrs. Amy Ashcraft, Mr. Tom York, Mrs. Beth Benjamin, Mr. Gary Gabbard, Mr. Jim Wirtley, Mr. Russ Fussnecker, Mr. Randy Stiver and Dr. Rhonda Bohannon to a very special dinner on Monday, November 27. Students from the Ag Ed, Culinary Arts and Biomed programs raised, prepared and served an unforgettable and delicious meal.
Much of the food and preparation for the meal was led by students in the Contemporary Cuisine classes. The salad chosen for the meal would fit within the nutritional recommendations of a diabetic diet. Students in the Biomed classes are diving into the etiology of diabetes. Part of their course work is to research the impact of a balanced diet and to outline food that would be healthy choices for individuals diagnosed with diabetes. Chicken was served as the main course. These chickens were a part of the feed trial conducted by our Agriscience classes. In addition to the feed trial, students in the Animal Science classes conducted trials based on housing conditions for the chickens (e.g. caged, cage-free and pasture housing) and the impact on the growth of the birds. Students in the Baking and Pastry Arts classes applied their understanding of yeast bread production, dessert sauces, foams, chocolate, plating and other skills taught in their program for this meal.
Students were led by Kellie Beiser, Tracy McKinney, Katie Erb, and Melissa Kemp.  This meal provided a perfect opportunity to showcase the knowledge, skills and abilities that have been taught to our students by these dedicated teachers.