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Meet Paula Romeiro- EHS Exchange Student

When she first arrived here to meet her host family, it was a little different because she didn't have the time she wanted to connect and get to know them prior to leaving Brazil.  "I did not have any time to contact them because of the lack of time, for example, my brother who is in Michigan right now was able to talk with his host family since July!" 

She was a part of the (EHS) tennis team this year and it became a part of her routine, with all the tournaments and games they played.  She doesn't get homesick often anymore and her routine here is becoming more normalized every day.  “Once I get home from school I try to be active, so I usually work out and then I do my school work if there is any. Sometimes my host family has some volunteer work at church and then I join them or my host sister has some youth event and then I go with her sometimes.”
(Story by Camaryn Hartley, photo provided by Shelby Harmon- story published in Dec. 2018 Cougar Prints)