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Bowling Team Sets High Goals

Edgewood Bowling is a sport that not a lot of students think about joining, but next year Coach Smith hopes to have more people come and tryout. Coach Smith said, “Edgewood is a very young team. Some of the players have never even had a bowling ball in their hand before. Two years ago was our first year to have an all-girls team. Having a girls and boys team has provided a more competitive opportunity in the SWOC.” The girls on the team are Rebecca Criste, Julia Huf, Aly McCreadie, Hannah Thomas, and Emma Tyree. The boys on the team are Zach Bowlin, Athan Bunger, Cameron Conrad, Dylan Marcum, Kody Marcum, Gabe Preston, and Zachary Smith.
For anyone who considers joining, Coach Smith said, “If you are someone who is interested in learning a new sport, try bowling. Like any sport, the athlete must be devoted in learning and practicing the game. The more you play, the better you get! Practice makes perfect!”
If you think it is too late to start a new sport, it is not. Coach Smith said, “Starting at a young age helps, but, is not necessary. Most alleys offer youth leagues. I would encourage students to find a bowling establishment that offers these leagues and join. New techniques, along with new technology in the equipment have helped with improving games. Customizing your equipment helps tremendously. It is not necessarily an inexpensive sport (very similar to golf). Bowling is a sport that you can play year around. You can play individually or as a team. It’s all up to you. To learn more about bowling YouTube it or Google it, there are some great videos. Just roll with it!”
(Story and photo by Raegan Anderson for Dec. 2018 Cougar Prints)