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Live Action "Trivia Crack" Match Hosted by Academic Team

“Alphabet Round is themed around a specific letter that each answer starts with. You get a paper with 20 questions and have four minutes to write the answers down on a separate paper. Then lightning round has twenty more questions that are all toss-ups.”

The team competes against other teams in the SWOC like Little Miami, Harrison, Ross, Talawanda, Mount Healthy, and Northwest. Little Miami has been dominating the past 6 years, winning 5 of the past 6 SWOC titles. The Cougars look to finally bring home a SWOC title this year.The team is led by Head Coach Sra. Groff and assisted by Mr. Williams. There are currently 15 members total on the team (7 on Varsity and 8 on JV), Christian is the captain of the Varsity team and Meagan Current is the captain of the JV team.

Trying out for the Academic Team is just like trying out for any other sport or team. According to Christian, “You take a written test with questions from each of the trivia categories and the top scorers are put on each team.”

Preparation for the matches require practicing, studying and even scrimmaging. “We mostly practice with questions from NAQT packets, typically as practice matches with JV against Varsity, but we occasionally study trivia from specific categories, like geography,” said Christian. The Cougars look to bring a SWOC Championship for the first time in school history this year.

(Story and photo by Kory McCall for Dec. 2018 Cougar Prints)