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High School Counseling » Physical Education (PE) Waiver Form

Physical Education (PE) Waiver Form

Physical Education Waiver Request Form for EHS Students
EHS students who have participated or will be participating in interscholastic sports, marching band, cheerleading, or JROTC, are eligible to apply for a PE waiver. Students must participate at least two (2) full seasons, as defined by the student handbook, or two full semesters if the waiver is based on JROTC, and documented by the Athletic Director, Coach, or JROTC Instructor and verified by his/her signature on the bottom of this form. These seasons must be while the student is enrolled in grades 9-12.
Students electing this waiver shall complete one-half unit of credit (60 hours of instruction) in another course of study which is designated by the Edgewood Board of Education as meeting the high school curriculum requirements. The student will not receive credit for the sport or activity for which the waiver is requested.
The waiver form can be found below. Print, complete the information and return it to your counselor. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can my student waive the 8th grade PE course because he/she plans to participate in sports or Marching Band in high school?
A: No, students cannot apply the waiver until they are eligible to participate in the approved activities for the PE waiver.

Q: Why can't a club sport count toward the waiver?
A: By Ohio law, the sports for the PE Waiver need to be recognized as interscholastic athletics.

Q: If my student only participates in one, full season of an eligible sport or Marching Band, can he/she receive partial credit and waive one of the PE courses?
A: No, there is no partial waiver of the PE requirements.

Q: Does Winter Guard count towards the waiver?
A: No, Winter Guard does not count on its own toward the PE Waiver, nor does it count as a second season. If a student is in both Color Guard and Winter Guard, it is one season (Color Guard) that counts towards the waiver because Color Guard counts under marching band.

For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Education site about the state guidance regarding the PE Waiver.